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Life Changing

It's hard to believe, even though we've seen it with our own eyes. God is changing the lives of hurting, exploited, and addicted women. Sometimes the healing is in small things, the beginning of hope for women we talk with on the street. Sometimes it is much more, complete turn-around for a woman who was going over the edge, and is now finding life and freedom at the Women’s Center. In most cases, we've barely had time to celebrate, much less contemplate the amazing path the women have walked. It’s a blessing to see firsthand what God has done in their lives. And we’re excited to share this with you!

One of our staff working in the Cafe ministry shared about a woman who was encouraged to hope for real life change through the outreach of Freedom61:

“She told us she wanted to go to the center because ‘I have to change my life.’  We talked with her and arranged to meet again the next day. ... [W]hen we arrived at the café, she was waiting for us. ...She has now been at the center for 6 months and it’s truly amazing to see how the Lord is bringing healing, restoration, and life change.”

Another woman living in the center recently shared the change she personally experienced:

“In the 5 months being here, the things God has shown and grown me in are that I know more about myself, my future, my relationships with people, and how to control and manage emotions. Even reading the Bible, before I didn’t understand anything. Now, I not only read it for myself, but every night my roommates and I read the Bible before bed and talk about it together.

The main thing though is that I accepted Jesus here. After I accepted Jesus, I started to feel how God was actually working in me and changing me from the inside. Every day, there’s something new that he is doing. There aren’t any days that God isn’t working with me.”

Freedom61 Women's Center

Praise be to God for the amazing life change He’s bringing about, and that we get to be a part of through Freedom61! We’re thankful for the ways our supporters have helped make this possible. From the volunteers who came and served, the teams that worked along-side our staff, and the many supporters who helped make this work possible through their financial support.

As we’ve seen all that has been accomplished in 2016 we’re excited to share a more complete picture of the work and finances of Freedom61. Please take some time to review our annual report at the following link. You’ll find more about our overall budget, the roof project, Men’s Outreach, our amazing volunteers, and projects we have on the horizon in 2017.

Sponsor a Woman

As more women have come to live in the Center our Monthly operating costs have increased. We are looking for individuals and churches who can commit to monthly and quarterly support.

Dignata Jewelry

In 2017 we're excited to be partnering with local and international organizations to provide skills training, vocational opportunities, and work that brings dignity. In January, a team from The Simple Kind came to Latvia to lay the groundwork for a new partnership with Freedom61, and teach sewing skills to the women at the center. To learn more about them and our other partners, please visit their websites: Dignata - Skandinavs - The Simple Kind

Pray with us:
  • We need more full time, intern, and volunteer staff! It is good to be growing, and we are praying for more mid-term, and long-term committed co-workers.

  • Several women have chosen to leave the center before they finished the program, pray for their continued protection, growth, and a covering of grace.

  • For continued life change: In the women on the street, the women at the cafe, and the men we speak with in the Men's Outreach.

  • For our ongoing financial support. That more monthly or quarterly donors would step in to support the day-to-day ministry at the Cafe and Women's Center.

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